Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Our Wedding Invites

Our wedding invitation adventure....

It was a long tedious venture but with the final product it was all worth it!

I had purchased the DIY kits from Micheal's

It Included:
- willow green scroll motif background card stock
- vellum inserts
- willow green ribbon
- willow green scroll motif card stock response cards
- invitation envelopes
- response card envelopes

I of course decided to make my life harder and wanted to print the invitation information on the vellum.  Three printer attempts later and we finally were able to use my Mom's portable printer if we individually feed through the vellum and layered each piece out to dry.  In hind sight, make sure you have a working laser printer on hand when you decide to print on vellum!

Once the info was printed we stamped with silver ink a scroll stamp beneath our names and added a silver double heart charm dangling from the ribbon.  The ribbon was feed through the pre punched holes in both the card stock and vellum.  Each end is feed through from front to the back and then pulled through from back to front through the opposite holes... sorry I don't have pictures to show this better, hope that makes sense.

The response cards we made into reception cards.  They were drastically easier to print on since they were card stock.  Once the printing was done we stamped them with the same scroll stamp but with willow green ink.

One hundred invites layed out on all the tables in my parents house.

An invite and reception card that I kept for my self and put into a shadow box.

Be Inspired...

Get Creative!

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