the HUN

stacey danielle martin
I'm a devoted wife and a loving mother to two beautiful children! Before the family I became a certified Interior Decorator and found a great liking to decorate Wedding's and Events. I'm the owner of Decked Out Spaces. I greatly enjoy creating and making beautiful things. Above all though I am devoted to my children who since entered this world stole my heart completely!
the HUB

aaron chrsitopher martin
He is what started it all! He is determined and witty... sometimes too witty. He changed my plans and all for the better. Without him I would not have the two biggest and happiest parts of my life, Oliver and Opal.  He is my one and only... my HUBBY.

the FART

oliver henry martin
Wednesday, July 22nd 2009 was the day our lives had changed forever... the day Oliver was born. He is witty, determined (a lot like his father), stubborn, quirky, imaginative and super cute (almost too cute!). He is two and a half now and a big brother. He is truly a little "FART" and the things that come out of his mouth can be very hilarious!


opal daniella martin
Friday, June 17th 2011 was the day Opal entered       this world. She is petite, precious and pretty. She's excitable, easy going and raring to go. Very different then her big brother though she will be able to handle herself... I can tell!  She's a bit of a FLIRT!

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