Thursday, 21 August 2008

Wedding Thank-You Cards

So I did it!  I made about 100 thank-you cards within the first two months after our wedding!

A while back I lucked out and found these super cute square folded cards from IKEA.  They're made from recycled brown fibber card stock with black printing in a striped motif and a damask.

To embellish I tore white and green paper and layered them over the bottom half of the card.  I added thin teal ribbon with a black paper punch.  My Critter Cutter worked very hard to cut out 100 ''thanks'' out of silver paper.

The teal ribbon from the front I wrapped around and tucked under the photo which would be held in place with silver photo corners.  My favourite stamp in my collection in the ''Happily ever after'' which I stamped under the picture.  Than I stamped ''thanks so much'' in the bottom portion with black ink.

The picture I used on the inside of the card.

I can never leave the back of the card ''naked''!  So to finish it off a overlapped a green and teal punched flower.  And because I love the stamp so much I used it again on the back!  It's so suiting!

So that's our Thank-you cards!  Hope you liked them!!

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